Grade 1 and 2 Français


Bonjour mes amis!

(Hello my friends!)

We will have a lot of fun in French, by singing songs, playing games, listening to stories, learning a lot about the following topics:

Introducing myself

numbers 1-20


days of the week

months of the year

body parts

the weather

Grade Twos are doing a unit called “La Poule Maboule” which is an introduction to the AIM Language Program that we will follow in future classes (Grades 3-6)

La Poule Maboule

For parents:

In case your child wants to get ready for French classes and play some learning games in the summer, I can recommend the following site:

You find this and many other links also in the ‘Amusant Fun’ section on top of this page.

Thank you and have a great time with French!