Le Passeport Culturel - Webpage

Grades 5 and 6 are encouraged to participate in a project called Le Passeport Culturel. The passport has nine (9) French cultural activities for students to accomplish. Students must complete four (4) activities before January 20th and again four activities before April 28th 2017. If the students complete four activities before January 20th, and April 28th, their names will be placed in a draw where they will win prizes from the Manitoba Educational French Resources Library (Direction des ressources éducatives françaises - DREF). You can enter MORE THAN ONCE!

Many of the possible activities for the students to accomplish are quite easy. Numbers 2, 3, and 5 are very easy to accomplish either using resources already found on this site or in the classroom. I will give the students some clues on this page and on this website in order to accomplish this task. Keep checking this page to see if I have added any new sites.

The first draw will take place after January 20, 2017. All names must be in before this date.

The second draw will take place after April 28th, 2017. All names must be in before this date.

Click on the following links for more information or resources needed to complete Le Passeport Culturel:

Le Passeport Culturel (in case students have lost their posters from class; English is on second page of document)

1. J’ai soit regardé une émission française à la télévision ou soit écouté une émission française à la radio.

a. http://ici.radio-canada.ca/jeunesse/jeregarde/index.aspx (Click on “afficher tout” to see more vidéos)

b. http://ici.radio-canada.ca/jeunesse/petits/emissions/

c. http://www1.tfo.org/mini/

d. http://francolab.ca/

e. http://focus.tv5monde.com/legendesfrancaises/ (French Legends)

f. http://focus.tv5monde.com/

g. http://ici.radio-canada.ca/jeunesse/petits/emissions/

a. http://www.envol91.mb.ca/emissions/

2. J’ai visité un site français sur le Web.

(If you visited any of the above sites in #1, you have visited a French website).

Games in French

a. http://www3.tfo.org/jeux/a-z

b. http://bigloo.voila.net/index.html

c. http://www.samamuse.ca/jeux/index.html


e. http://toutpetits.telequebec.tv/zone-parent/liste-des-jeux

3. J’ai lu un livre français seul ou à un enfant plus jeune.
(Come see me for a book or look here)

a. http://focus.tv5monde.com/legendesfrancaises/
(French Legends; awesome medieval images! Under each image, there is a text that goes with the audio; you can read and listen)

4. J’ai fait une courte présentation en français, au sujet d’un aspect de la culture francophone.
(Check out #7 for websites you can look at).

5. J’ai soit chanté ou soit écouté une chanson française.

Look at my Youtube channel to choose a song:

Look here for specific French songs you haven’t sung:

6. J’ai communiqué en français avec un élève d’une autre école pour comparer nos milieux scolaires.

7. J’ai comparé une culture francophone avec la mienne.

Check out this list to find a list of countries where French is the official language. This may give you a clue as to which country you would like to research and compare.

a. http://cabouge.tv5.ca/

b. http://www.photo-de-classe.org/#/accueil

c. http://fr.calameo.com/read/00059672960e0d8261f52
(In this book, there is a map highlighting all francophone cultures in the world on page 12)


8. J’ai vu soit une pièce française, un film français ou un spectacle en français.
(Check out #1 for links to videos).
Students can watch a Disney movie in French, just change the language :)

9. J’ai soit préparé un plat français ou soit commandé un repas en français.

Come see me for a recipe or look at the following site:

a. http://www.ricardocuisine.com/ (in French)

b. http://www.marmiton.org/ (in French)

Recette : Mousse au chocolat (I haven’t tried this one yet).