Grade 6 Français

Grade 6 travaillent maintenant sur la pièce qui s’appelle Chat Angora.

Grade 6s are currently working on the play called Chat Angora.

Chat Angora

31 Chat Angora questions

Grade 6, les verbes
Grade 6, les négations

Another great way of practicing the 4 verbs is using the Quizlet website and play some games :-)
This is the direct link:

Listen to the play
Chat Angora Recording
Chat Angora Youtube

Chat Angora

Histoire Racontée (Story Retell)
Grade 6

QUIZ / HOMEWORK - check the Grade 6 Devoirs / Quiz page

Mme Dunlop Question Videos
(Click here to listen to the questions you need to answer for your voice recording)

#1. Les Mots qui vont ensemble

#2. Les Mots qui vont ensemble

French Drills

1. Les Contraires (Opposites)

2. Les Contraires

3. Les mots qui vont ensemble (Words that go together)

4. Devine le mot (Guess the word)

5. Devine le mot

6. Verbes

7. Avoir, Être, Aller, Faire

8. ne...pas, ne...personne, ne...rien, ne...jamais

Extra Action & Word Practice for new and current French students

The following homework needs the French program’s DVD to watch at home:

Grade 5 & 6
Kit 2 DVD Practice Schedule
Kit 1 DVD Word List
Kit 2 DVD Word List